T-33 Architekci was started at 2004 year. The firm located in Gdynia, prides itself on design excellence and attention to client needs, and relation to the environment, too. T-33 Architects permanently cooperate with engineering and consulting firms caring the highest quality of design and technical solutions. Company manages two architects: Tomasz Skrobun and Wojciech Zaborniak members of architecture chambers in Poland and Norway. Permanent team consists of seven architects, also constantly working with several freelancers.

Tomasz Skrobun
Anna Fiałek
Paweł Abramowicz
Maciej Łagodziński
Witold Przyklęk
Dariusz Voelkner
Katarzyna Kostro
Natalia Neubauer
Aleksandra Rachwał
Maria Struczyńska
Jakub Figiel